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Cosplay Projects

For any project that actually has a set date and will be carried out (costumes already made or actually planned on doing), check the section by year (at the moment, it's 2011). The Future/Time not set section is a list of projects that I would like to carry out but do not have a set time yet, but they can be canceled if I don't have time. The On-Hold is the list of projects that I had finished the costume but I don't have a clear plan to wear/have a photoshoot for whatever reason.

Future/Time not set

Soukyuu no Fafner [planning]
Kazuki (?), Soushi (?)

Witch Hunter Robin [planning]
Robin (?)

Kuroshitsuji: Weston College [costume: 0/1 -> K, photo set: summer, HN] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 
Gregory Violet (K), Edgar Redmond (Rui), Herman Greenhill (?), Lawrence Bluer (?)



Black Lagoon [costume completed, photo set: unknown]
Revy (K)

Dream of Dolls [planned: 2011, costume 1/2 -> K, photo set: unknown]
Code no. 7 (K), Code no. 11 (Kira) - female version

Phượng Vu Cửu Thiên [costume: 0/2 -> Bach Phung, photo set: unknown]  -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project
Lộc Đan (K), Đông Phàm Vương (Saber)

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas [costume 1/1 -> K, photo set: unknown]
Hades/Alone (K)

DOGS: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark [costume: 2/2 -> K, photo set: summer, HN] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project
Heine (Kan Ryukai), Badou (K)

长安幻夜/Chang An Huan Ye/Trường An Huyễn Dạ [costume: 1/2 -> K, photo set: unknown] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 40
师夜光/Shi Yeguang/Sư Dạ Quang (Rui), Lý Lang Gia (Kira)

Vocaloid: Synchronicity - Kagamine Rin [costume: 1/1 -> K, photo set: summer, HN] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 
Rin (K)



Vocaloid: Just a Game [costume: 0/1 -> K, photo set, unknown]
Gumi (K)

D: Snow White [costume: 0/1 -> Bạch Phụng, photo set: unknown]
Asagi (K)

D: Akaki Hitsuji ni Yoru Bansankai/赤き羊による晩餐会 [costume: 0/1 -> K, photo set: unknown]
Asagi (K)

D: 皇帝 ~ Yami ni umareta mukui [costume -> Bạch Phụng, photo set: summer, HN] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 
Asagi (K), Hidezou (Kira)

Trinity Blood [costume: 0/1 ->K, photo set: unknown]
Caterina Sforza (K)

Starry☆sky [costume 0/1 -> K, photo set: Summer, Clarke Quay, Singapore]
Ooshirou Shirogane (K), Kotarou Hoshizuki (Kira)

Evangelion: Rei Ayanami [costume completed, photo set: seaside, summer]
Rei (K)

Vocaloid: Kyo  [costume: 0/1->K, photo set: unknown] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 
Kyo (K)

Vocaloid: Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana Gassen [costume: 1/1->K, photo set: HCMC] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 39
Len (Haki), Rin (K)

DOLLS [costume: 3/3->K, photo set: Aug, HN] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 
Seiju Shikibu (K), Shouta Mikoshiba (Han Kouga), Usaki Toudou (Rui)

Amnesia [costume 1/1 -> K, photo set: Summer, Singapore]
Shin (K), Toma (Rui), Kent (Kea), Ikki (Kira)

Hakuouki: Harada & Saitou [photo set: unknown, Japanese Garden, Singapore] - Pending Photoshoot / Project 14
Harada (K), Saitou (Kira)

Renai Idenshi XX [costume 2/2 -> K, photo set: unknown] -> Pending: Photoshoot / Project 
Hyuuga Mizuki (Kira), Nanako Matsuri (K)

Cyphers [costume: 1/1 -> K, photo: unknown]  - Pending Photoshoot / Project 
Hotaru (K), Trixie (Rui)

D.Gray-Man: Immortality [photo set: unknown Singapore - Grave Yard] - Pending Photoshoot / Project 15
Kanda Yuu (K)

Jormungand  [costume: 1/1 -> K, photo set: unknown]
Koko Hekmatyar (K), Kasper Hekmatyar (Rui Yujin)

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt [costume: 1/1 ->K, unknown]  - Pending Photoshoot / Project 
Panty (Rui), Stocking gender-bend (K)

Log Horizon [costume: 0/1 ->K, unknown]  - Pending Photoshoot / Project 
Nureha (K)

Tokyo Ghoul [costume: 0/1 -> K, unknown] - Pending Photoshoot / Project 
Lize (K)


2014 [Completed] 

Date a Live [costume: 1/1 -> K, photo set: Aug, HCMC, editing] - Photoshoot 79 / Project 49
Yoshino (K)

Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan + Corvinus [Katsucon 2014, Feb 14-16, completed] - No Photoshoot / Project 48 + 31


2013 (Costume -> K: 5/5)

Psycho-Pass [photo set: Otakon, Aug USA, completed] -> Photoshoot 78 / Project 47
Ouryou Rikako (K) + group

Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan  [photo set: Aug, Hn, completed] -> Photoshoot 77 / Project 48
Lucille (Rui), Gemsilica/Queen (K)

Vocaloid: Haitoku no hana [costume completed, photo set: Jul, HCM, editing] -> Photoshoot 76 / Project 45
Rin (K)

Psycho-Pass [costume: 1/1 ->K, photo set: Jul, Singapore, editing] -> Photoshoot 75 / Project 47
Ouryou Rikako (K)

Strawberry Panic [photo set: Jul, Singapore, editing] -> Photoshoot 74 / Project 46
Aoi Nagisa, Hanazono Shizuma (K, Rui)

Vocaloid: Haitoku no hana [costume completed, photo set: CosFest Jul 08, Singapore] -> No Photoshoot / Project 45
Rin (K)

D: 名もなき森の夢語り/Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari  [costume: 1/1 -> Bạch Phụng, CosFest Jul 07]  - No Photoshoot / Project 44
Asagi (K)

Thanh Miêu Tử Miêu [photo set: Katsucon 2013, U.S., editing] -> Photoshoot 73 / Project 30
Tử Miêu (K), Thanh Miêu (Ruiki)

Inu x Boku SS [costume 1/1 -> K, photo set: Katsucon 2013, U.S., completed] -> Photoshoot 72 / Project 42
Shirakiin Ririchiyo (K)

Princess Princess[costume 1/1 -> K, photo set: 11 Jan, HN, editing] -> Photoshoot 71 / Project 43
Toru Kouno (Saber), Yuujirou Shihoudani( Rui), Mikoto Yutaka (K)

Inu x Boku SS - Maid ver. [costume 1/1 -> K, photo set: 09 Jan, HN, completed] -> Photoshoot 70 / Project 42
Shirakiin Ririchiyo (K), Karuta Roromiya (Rui)
FacebookRui's Cosplay Page

Vocaloid: Himitsu~Kuro no Chikai  [costume 1/1 -> K, photo set: Jan 7th, HN, completed] -> Photoshoot 69 / Project 41
Len (Rui Yujin), Miku (K)
FacebookRui's Cosplay Page

Rouge [Photo: Jan 6th, HN, editing] -> Photoshoot 68 / Sideshoot 12

Roseus [Costume -> mix, Photo: editing, HN] -> Photoshoot 67 / Sideshoot 15


2012 (Costume -> K: 17/17)

Scarlet [Costume: 1/1 -> K, Photo: Đà Nẵng, editing] -> Photoshoot 66/ Sideshoot 14

长安幻夜/Chang An Huan Ye/Trường An Huyễn Dạ [Photo: Winter convention Day 1, HCMC] -> No Photoshoot / Project 40
皇甫端华/Huang Fu Duan Hua/Hoàng Phủ Đoan Hoa (K), 安碧城/An Bi Cheng/An Bích Thành(Rui)

Crimson Temptation[Costume: 1/1 -> K, Photo: editing, Fes: Winter Convetion & Fuyu Matsuri 2012] -> Photoshoot 65 / Sideshoot 13

长安幻夜/Chang An Huan Ye/Trường An Huyễn Dạ [costume: 2/2 -> K, editing] -> Photoshoot 64 / Project 40
皇甫端华/Huang Fu Duan Hua/Hoàng Phủ Đoan Hoa (Ruiki), 安碧城/An Bi Cheng/An Bích Thành(K)

Vocaloid: Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana Gassen [costume: 1/1->K, completed] -> Photoshoot 63 / Project 39
Len (K)

Alichino [editing] -> Photoshoot 62 / Project 38
Tsugiri (Rui Yujin), Ryouko (Hakimei), Myoubi (Meiji), Enju (K)
Facebook, Link to Folder

Rouge [Costume -> Bach Phung, Fes: Manga Fes 29th, HCMC] -> No Photoshoot / Sideshoot 12
Wordpress, Facebook

Alichino [costume: 4/4->K, Fes: Natsu Matsuri on Jul 22nd, HCMC] -> No Photoshoot / Project 38
Tsugiri (Rui Yujin), Ryouko (Hakimei), Myoubi (Meiji), Enju (K)

Vocaloid: Love is War - Uniform ver [costume: 2/2->K, editing ] - Photoshoot 61 / Project 37
Len (Rui Yujin), Kaito (Haki), Gakupo (K)

D: 7th Rose - Final [Costume completed -> Bạch Phụng, editing] - Photoshoot 60 / Project 25
Asagi (K)
Facebook, Link to folder

Ja-Dou [costume 2/2 -> K, completed] -> Photoshoot 59 / Project 36
Keika (K), Teiou (Kira)
Facebook, Wordpress

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes [costume: 1/1 ->K, completed] -> Photoshoot 58 / Project 35
Miran Froaude (K)

Giang Nam [costume: 1/1 -> K, editing] -> Photoshoot 57 / Project 34
K, Kira

Nghịch Thủy Hàn [costume 1/1 -> K, editing] -> Photoshoot 56 / Project 33
Cố Tích Triều (K)

Corvinus - Final [costume 1/1 -> Bach Phung, editing ] -> Photoshoot 55 / Project 31
Asagi (K)
Facebook, Link to folder

Ideal Lovers [completed, Feb @ Katsucon, completed] -> Photoshoot 54 / Sideshoot 11
K, Kea, Ruiki
Facebook, Wordpress

Neko-chan & Leather Corset [completed, Feb @ Katsucon, uploaded on Wordpress & FB] - Photoshoot 53/ Sideshoot 10
Fansign Facebook, Event Facebook, Katsucon album on WORDPRESS

Corvinus - Demo 2 [costume 1/1 -> Bach Phung, Feb @ Katsucon, completed] -> Photoshoot 52 / Project 31
Asagi (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Katsucon Facebook, WORDPRESS

Vocaloid: Senbonzakura - Meiko [costume: 1/1 -> K, Feb @ Katsucon, completed] -> Photoshoot 51 / Project 32
Meiko (K)
Katsucon Facebook, Fansign Facebook, FB, Wordpress

Vocaloid: Arrest Rose - Kagamine Len [costume completed, Feb @ Katsucon, completed] -> Photoshoot 50 / Project 21
Len (K)

Hakuouki [costume completed, Feb @ Katsucon, completed] -> Photoshoot 49 / Project 14
Chizuru (K), Harada (Kea), Okita (Ruiki)
Katsucon Facebook, Facebook

Corvinus - Demo [costume 1/1 -> Bach Phung, completed] -> Photoshoot 48 / Project 31
Asagi (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Thanh Miêu & Tử Miêu: Luân Hồi [costume: 2/2 -> Bạch Phụng, completed] -> Photoshoot 46 & 47 / Project 30
Thanh Miêu & Tử Miêu (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress


2011 (Costume -> K: 22/22)

Thanh Miêu: Bất Liễu Liễu Chi[completed] - Photoshoot 45/ Project 30
Link to folder, Facebook, Event album on Wordpress

Leather & Curve[completed, Y1-Wonderland] - No Photoshoot/ Sideshoot 9
Facebook, Demo on WORDPRESS, Event album on Wordpress

Vidoll: Rame [costume completed, check FB & WORDPRESS] - No Photoshoot / Project 23
Rame (K)

Tâm tỏa[completed, Singapore] - Photoshoot 44/ Sideshoot 8
Link to folder, Facebook, WORDPRESS

Hyakujitsu No Bara: Omake ver. [costume: 2/2 -> K, still need to schedule photoshoot] - No Photoshoot/ Project 28
Taki Reizen w/ cat ear & apron(K), Klaus w/ wolf ear & tail(Kea)
Yaoi con Facebook, Yaoi con Album on Wordpress, Demo on Wordpress

Ludwig Kakumei [costume 1/1 -> K, completed] - Photoshoot 43/ Project 27
Ludwig (Rui), Amalberga (Haki), Blanche (Meiji), Lisette (K), Dorothea (Reiki), Friederike (Meimei)
Link to folder, Wordpress - Rui, Wordpress

7 Deadly Sins [costume 2/2 -> K, completed, editing] - Photoshoot 42/ Project 26
Pride/Vanity - Violet (Shini), Wrath/Anger - Black (Rui Yujin), Lust - Blood Red (Shad), Envy - Deep Green (K), Greed - Golden (Shini), Gluttony - White (Rui Yujin), Sloth - Blue (K)
Facebook, Wordpress - Demo

D: 7th Rose - Demo [completed] - No Photoshoot/ Project 25
Asagi (K)
Link to folder, MangaFes Facebook, Facebook, Wordpress - Demo, WORDPRESS - H2T event

Ragnarok Online [Completed 1/1, For Manga Festival II on July 23rd] - No Photoshoot/ Project 24
Female Gunslinger (K)
Event Facebook, Wordpress - Demo

Vidoll: ゴシカロイド改 (New Ver.) [completed 5/5, editing, uploading] - Photoshoot 40&41/ Project 23
Jui (K), Shun (Kan), Tero (Jin), Giru (Elsy), Rame (Hiyo)
Link to folder, Facebook - K, Facebook - Kan, Wordpress

Macross Frontier [completed 3/3, uploading] - Photoshoot 39/ Project 22
Alto (K), Sheryl (Gal), Ranka (Fuu)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Vocaloid: Arrest Rose [completed 3/3, uploaded] - No Photoshoot/ Project 21
Gakupo (K), Kaito (Haki), Len (Shini)
Link to folder, Facebook

The World God Only Knows [completed 2/2, check FB or Wordpress for picture] - Photoshoot 38/ Project 20
Keima (Haki), Elcea (K)
Facebook, Wordpress

Madness of Duke Venomania [completed 1/1, uploaded] - Photoshoot 37/ Project 19
Gakupo (Rui), Meiko (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress-K, Wordpress-Rui

Hakuouki: Saito x Okita [completed, uploading] - Photoshoot 35&36/ Project 14
Saito, Okita (K, Rui)
Link to folder, Wordpress - P1, Wordpress - P2, Facebook

Vocaloid: Acute - Ver. 2.0 [completed, PS-ing, uploading] - Photoshoot 34/ Project 17
Hatsune Miku (K), Kaito (Haki), Megurine Luka (Meiji)
Link to folder, Facebook

The Girl behind the Frame [completed, check FB link] - Photoshoot 33/ Sideshoot 7
Wordpress, Facebook

Verführung in der Nacht [completed, second photoshoto: June] - Photoshoot 32/ Sideshoot 6
Prince (Kan), Princess (K)
Facebook, Facebook - P2

Vocaloid: Himitsu Keisatsu: Luka [costume complete, uploading] - Photoshoot 31/ Project 18
Luka (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Hakuouki: Chikage Kazama  [costume completed, anime Boston 2011] -> No Photoshoot / Project 14
Chikage Kazama (K)

Maid [completed @ Anime Boston 2011, uploaded] - Photoshoot 30/ Sideshoot 5
Maid (K)
FB, Wordpress, Facebook

Vocaloid: Acute [completed 1/1, uploaded] - Photoshoot 29/ Project 17
Hatsune Miku (Luna), Kaito (James), Megurine Luka (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Code Geass: Kaguya Sumeragi [completed 1/1, uploaded] - Photoshoot 28/ Project 16
Kaguya Sumeragi (K) with group at Katsucon 2011
Link to folder, Wordpress


2010 (Costume -> K: 11/11)

D.Gray-Man: Demo [completed, uploaded] - Photoshoot 27/ Project 15
Kanda Yuu (K)
Link to folder, Facebook

Hakuouki: Hijikata x Chikage [completed, uploading] - Photoshoot 26/ Project 14
Hiji (K),Chikage (Kan Ryukai)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress - P2

Hakuouki [completed, uploading] - Photoshoot 25/ Project 14
Hiji (K), Saitou (Kita), Okita (Elsy), Harada (Kita), Chikage (Kan Ryukai), Chizuru (Fuu)
Link to folder, Facebook, Album on Kan's FB, Wordpress - P1

Vocaloid: Luka [Completed, uploaded] - Photoshoot 24/ Project 13
Luka Megurine (K)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress - P1, Wordpress - P2

The dark life: Evil aristocrats [Completed, no uploaded] - Photoshoot 23/ Sideshoot 4
K, Koi-Hime, Jeanny, Ayame
Wordpress, D.A

UTAUloid: Ted x Teto [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 22/ Project 12
Kasane Ted (K), Kasane Teto (Hiyosho)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Glimpse of our Summer [Completed, not uploaded] - Photoshoot 21/ Sideshoot 3
K, Mira

Kaguya Hime: A Stage Performance [Completed, not uploaded] - No Photoshoot/ Sideshoot 2
Kira, K, Mira, UFO, Ngân Phụng, Huyết Phụng, Nga

Dream of Dolls: Kalix x Delphine [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 20/ Project 11
Kalix (K), Delphine (Kira)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress


2009 (Costume -> K: 7/7)

Wild Roses [complete] - No Photoshoot/ Project 10
White (K)

Wild Roses [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 17&18&19/ Project 10
Black (K), Red (Kira, Phượng, Mo), Blue (Mira, Fra), Purple (Elsy), White (Ura, Can)
Link to folder, Facebook, Demo on Facebook, Wordpress - Final Ver., Wordpress - Demo 2, Wordpress - Demo 1

Genei Ryodan [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 15&16/ Project 9
Kuroro (Kuro45), Feitan (Heo Lõm), Hisoka (Elsy), Pakunoda (Kira), Boronerofu (Nam Hai), Kurotopi (Ngân Phụng), Nobunage (Mira), Shizuku (X), Finsuku (Trung Nguyen), Shalnark (Sou), Machi (Nga Spider)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Hunter x Hunter [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 14/ Project 9
Illumi (K), Hisoka (Elsy)
Link to folder, Wordpress

Fire King [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 12&13/ Project 8
Feng Jian (Ngân Phụng), Zhong Tian (K), Hua Zheng (Lieu Tu Van), Yong Qian (Thái Ly), Li Ying (Ura), Hao Yue (Mira), Ưu Hà (Elsy), The Queen (Kira), Forina (Thu Trang)
Link to folder, Facebook

Vampire Knight - Another Side [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 11/ Project 3
K, Elsy, Kuro45, Kita (Night class male), Ura, Nga Spider (Night class female)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress

Yukionna - Part I: Frozen Tears & Part II: Timeless Loner [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 9&10/ Project 7
Yuki (K), Miyokichi (Elsy)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress - P1, Wordpress - P2


2008 (Costume -> K: 1/1)

'Till the Death/Aristocrat Family [uploading, hiatus] - Photoshoot 7&8/ Project 6
Link to folder, Facebook

Tình Lâu [uploading, PS-ing] - Photoshoot 4&5&6/ Project 5
Nguyệt Ảnh/Sumeragi Tsukikage (Elsy), Hoàng Nguyệt Vũ/Sumeragi Tsukitake (Kita), Hoàng Ứng Thiên/Sumeragi Outen (Ufo), Lữ Thanh Phong/Ryo Kiyomine (K), Lữ Hồ Quân/Ryo Kokijin (Mira), Hồ Bạch Diệp/Kumiho Hakuyou (Kira), Miêu Miêu/Nyanko-chan (Ura), Long Triều/Tatsushio (Kuro45)
Link to folder, Demo version on Facebook, Wordpress - P1, Wordpress - Demo


2007 (Costume -> K: 2/2)

Dream of Dolls [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 3/ Project 4
Lahoo (K), Camine (Elsy)
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress - Dark, Wordpress - Light

Vampire Knight [complete, uploaded] - No Photoshoot/ Project 3
K (Night class female)
Link to folder

Geisha (using Lukia costumes) [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 2/ Sideshoot - 1
K & Elsy
Link to folder, Facebook, Wordpress


2006 (Costume -> K: 1/1)

Count Cain [complete, uploaded] - Photoshoot 1/ Project 2
Lukia Crowell (K)
Link to folder, Wordpress


2005 (Costume -> K: 1/1)

Gundam Seed [complete] - No Photoshoot/ Project 1
Yzak Jule (K)

Journal History


Nhu Hai Hoang
United States

"There is no good and evil,

there is only power...

and those too weak to seek it"

Voldermort - Harry Potter

Current Residence: Aozora no Ayame Group @
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Death,....... Classic
Favourite style of art: Photography, Black/White colouring, Digital art
Operating System: Windows XP, Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Lelouch, Kanda, Cain, Lacus, Kuroro, Hisoka, ....
Personal Quote: God sees everything, Satan does something about it

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